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Training for Students/Student Organizations--

Conduct Orientation

Conduct Orientation is for new or visiting students to our campus to learn about the Code of Conduct and expectations for them during their time at UNM.  We also describe resources they may access.


Student Organization Conduct Orientation

Student Organization Conduct Orientation is for leaders of Greek Life and student organizations to learn about the conduct process prior to any incidents.  We review conduct expectations for organizations and strategies for organizations to address conduct incidents internally.


Respectful Campus

Respectful Campus training offers students and student groups an overview of harassment and bullying policies at UNM.  We discuss appropriate ways to manage conflict and resources for those affected by harassment or bullying.


Guidance for UNM Student Employees: Navigating Complex Situations by Defining Your Boundaries

This is a session focused on guidance for student employees and student tutors who may encounter challenging situations with fellow students, while working in their employee capacity. We help student employees identify concerning behavior, their roles to address these and how to define their own personal boundaries.