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Services Offered

The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities offers a range of services to the University community.
  • Investigate alleged violations of UNM’s Student and Visitor Codes of Conduct, including academic dishonesty, threats or acts of violence, unauthorized presence in buildings, theft, drug/alcohol use on campus, student organization issues, and classroom disruptions;
  • Sanction violations of the Code of Conduct and the University’s discrimination and sexual misconduct policies (UAP 2720 & 2740);
  • Issue campus bans and maintain the ban memo for visitors and students;
  • Perform disciplinary record checks for students and alumni;
  • Issue behavioral expectations for students displaying concerning behavior that doesn’t rise to the level of a policy violation;
  • Issue No Contact Directives and other interim measures for students;
  • Consult with faculty/staff on student behavior issues;
  • Advise students on their rights within the University, including complaint processes, free speech, and the Academic Grievance Procedure;
  • Train faculty and staff on conduct policies, procedures, due process, best practices, and campus safety;
  • Determine admission for students with prior disciplinary history at UNM or outside institutions;
  • Sit on University policy task forces to ensure that student rights and responsibilities are appropriately reflected in policy;
  • Facilitate wellness checks for off-campus students;
  • Act as Respondent Support Specialists in Title IX Investigations;
  • Oversee the University’s CARE (Campus, Assessment, Response, Education) Team, which connects students of concern who may be a threat to themselves or others with appropriate resources so they may address stress, difficulty, or mental health concerns; and 
  • Oversee the University’s TAT (Threat Assessment Team) for students, which assesses the pathway to violence and considers action the University should take to mitigate imminent threats of harm.